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The RAF was a comparatively tightly organised, high tech force, by and large with more modern equipment and operational command techniques than the Navy, and more so the Army. One consequence was that they were able to collate and distill information fast for their own purposes.

The upshot was that they had more up to date PR to hand on a regular basis.

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Thursday, 5 March 2009

What a farce !

Well, well, well two instances of the Eye Corps (although I understand that cap badge recognition is still not taught in their basic imagery course !) in the Thunderer this week !

A `leading` undercover intelligence expert dressed as a member of the genus `Canis` is revealed as a former operative of the genus `scientia quod vallo miles militis` !

Allegedly, this animal lover utilised his considerable skills, learnt and fully utilised when in the service of Her Majesty, to infiltrate and conduct interdiction operations to prevent and deter criminal wrong doings and provide to the Old Bill inside information about the Dons, Caporegimes and the various other members and their associates

If he been caught he would have more than likely ended up with a bullet riddled body and dumped in hole and covered in a strong hard building material composed of sand and gravel and cement and water - NOT !

Some former colleagues are aghast at some of his claims – not least his claims of rave reviews by the theatre critic of Sixth Sense following his portrayal of Gary Legeune in the 1993 Harp Players production of `Noises Off` !

Whatever name he goes by now has not prevented this former intelligence thespian to dodge publicity or controversy. Oh no daaaarling this gifted amateur ,it is revealed, is now touting himself and his expertise on multimedia with production of a DVD and providing co-operative training with an already discredited individual who trains `bullet catchers` .

Anticipation of an award (Baronial, Lordship, Laird) in recognition of this association is said to be imminent !

We in the Branch and Flights await with eager keenness the approaching hardback !


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Adrian, Here is another one for your collection of international men of mystery


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