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The RAF was a comparatively tightly organised, high tech force, by and large with more modern equipment and operational command techniques than the Navy, and more so the Army. One consequence was that they were able to collate and distill information fast for their own purposes.

The upshot was that they had more up to date PR to hand on a regular basis.

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Tuesday, 10 February 2009

OS Int Job Fair

From our good friend Former Flt Sgt Harry Plotter - you all remember him ? Slighty rotund with milk bottles glasses, great for looking at female green slime arrses !

"Thanks to all those former members of the Branch who turned up to the job fair at the RAF Club last week. It was also good to see so many serving members managed to attend, despite the high tempo of current operations.

For those who were not able to attend, one clear message came though:

There is plenty of work out there for experienced imagery analysts, both in the public sector, JARIC and D Mil survey and in industry. The deep expereince that only the Branch can bring will certainly provide firm employment when you do decide to leave the service.

I know that some of you work alongside other members of the intelligence community where employment is less certain. Unlike their counterparts, RAF Intelligence Analysts have no need to end up on the so-called "curcuit."

Harry of course has his own blog over at http://imageryanalyst.blogspot.com/ - where you can read more about this event and further post Int Branch career options - why not pop in and hear the latest from the leading IMINT providers to the UK intelligence machinery.

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