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The RAF was a comparatively tightly organised, high tech force, by and large with more modern equipment and operational command techniques than the Navy, and more so the Army. One consequence was that they were able to collate and distill information fast for their own purposes.

The upshot was that they had more up to date PR to hand on a regular basis.

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Friday, 6 February 2009

Recommended Reading

RAF Police - Bombay to Ascension 1918-2007

An illustrated record of RAF Police activities in Europe, Asia, Australasia, South America and the South Atlantic.

This book describes in detail the wide-ranging police, security and intelligence operations undertaken by the RAF between 1918 and 2007 in a vast area of the world stretching south from the Himalayas through Asia, Australasia, the American Continent and the islands in the South Atlantic Ocean. It includes Special Investigations, Counter-Intelligence, Air Transport Security, Canine operations and much, much more undertaken by this unique branch of the Armed Services.

"An excellent read - I could not put it down. It made me think - why did I transfer to the Intelligence Corps ?" - Glad_it_is_all_Over

"If only this book had been published before I had gone to the ACIO I would definitely have served for longer and in the RAF" - Bound Apprentice

`Forewarned, Forearmed ! - what a load of tosh ! This is the definitive textbook for all students of military security and intelligence matters" - Alfie Boy

"An ideal companion and background reading material for `coal face security practioners` who wish to transfer their service skills and vocational experience to the commercial risk management sector- a great read, I learnt a lot " - Director of Education & Training `The Sacred Chest Foundation`

Available from Horus Training Wing, Defence College of Intelligence, Chicksands - Intelligence Corps tradespersons please show your ICA membership card for your signed complimentary copy.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with all of the reviews posted here. This is truly an educational read and will assist me greatly in choosing which branch of the services I want to join when I leave school.

Paul (aged 13),
Doughnut House

AdAstra said...

Is that you CR ? Admin Wing want to know when your application for transfer will be forthcoming. Do not forget all of our pilots are Officers !

I am sure an arrangement could be made for you not only to return to proper flying duties but additionally for tou to retrain as a RAF Int & Sy practioner - may take some time though as our standards are quite exacting !

Anonymous said...

Horus ceased to exist under that moniker in late 2007 due to Peachy individual's inability to remember details