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The RAF was a comparatively tightly organised, high tech force, by and large with more modern equipment and operational command techniques than the Navy, and more so the Army. One consequence was that they were able to collate and distill information fast for their own purposes.

The upshot was that they had more up to date PR to hand on a regular basis.

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Sunday, 11 October 2009

"What to wear to the party" or "how to look good Pt 2"

As the next general election creeps inexorably towards us, generally discredited Westminster politicians are scrabbling around to try and find some form of unique selling point. With little or no compunction two of the major parties seem to have turned to the armed forces for some sort of implied credibility.

A number of websites and even pressure groups such as the well respected BAFF recognise the gaping chasm between Parliament and the Armed forces. BAFF has been doing some excellent work in this area, struggling to bring the political horse to water. perhaps fully cognizant that it is actually trying to drag a metaphorical pig, with its feet still firmly entrenched in the trough

The two major parties have both decided to turn to the Intelligence Corps, compounding the existing morass of judgement and credibility issues, The opposition have built on their investment with Brigadier Geoffery Van Orden ( made up name) . In terms of operational currency a bit behind his sell-by date, uniform no longer fits. perhaps not many medals either? Stick with the Savillle Row Geoff, know your limits!

Fortunately fresh, new blood is waiting in the wings in the shape of Captain Dylan Thomas a Conservative Defence researcher styled :

a former Officer in the Intelligence Corps who served on operations in Afghanistan, Iraq and Northern Ireland. He is also on the approved parliamentary candidates' list.

I shudder to ask what the criteria might be to get on a list to be an approved candidate of such a den of inequity. Notice that Dylan has opted for the casual informality of No1 Dress. In the typically relaxed mode of a number of Intelligence Cops officers, seen lounging around Northwood, without their Sword or Sam Browne. I Imagine that many other officers will have similar candid snapshots, in similar attire, perhaps taken by a friend or relative at a supper party or a casual garden party at a palace

According to Gok, Dylan has chosen well here, the Navy provides a touch of authority, the beret and braid hint that he is not afraid to play the pantomime queen. I can attest, ( for a fee) that this is normal working dress for many Intelligence Corps officers. I'm sure that Dave Cameron would endorse such informality, and would be quick to point out that this was NOT a posed picture, taken in a studio, some time after Dylan had left the Army.
Let us compare and contrast then with the Government, whom one would be a little more selective considering the recent questionable performance of one of their few ex military, and even scarcer Green bereted, army types, The renowned pamphleteer and essayist Mr Eric Joyce MP (Maj Retd) .

Where to go next to find a fine military man who will steer an unwavering course hard by the party line? Step forward workman-like accountant David Reeves . Like Dylan, David has gone for a candid snap, taken doubtless on his way from work in Bloomsbury to the Drill Hall one evening? As befits the Labour Party, David hails from the ranks, firmly aligned with the proletariat. The retro, workman-like C95, tells us that David, ( who I suspect is really "Dave" or "Dafydd") stands, like a good socialist, with the workers in his working dress. I suspect there is a lighter side to David as he may be teasing us slightly. Who knows one day we may know the truth: is he wearing a centre or side fastening stable belt?
What will the Party think if it does NOT fasten on the left. C95 is a good choice for David as it brings out both his complexion and his hair tone.

What to wear on the Middle Benches? A thorny question, perhaps Gok would suggest a little Khaki Service Dress? Chance to slip into those kitten heels, lengthening your profile and still, like Dylan, providing a chance to flaunt that hard-earned bling.

And the Fringe parties ? I sense they may look for a softer look.
After Beagle cross-dressing Adrian Radford, will the Greens ever trust the military, even if thev ditched The North Face and went for PCP Patagonia?
.... that dear reader is another story..............

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