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The RAF was a comparatively tightly organised, high tech force, by and large with more modern equipment and operational command techniques than the Navy, and more so the Army. One consequence was that they were able to collate and distill information fast for their own purposes.

The upshot was that they had more up to date PR to hand on a regular basis.

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Saturday, 7 November 2009

“Tally Ho bandyta na 6 o, zegar” - or words to that effect

The Bishop of Peterborough, a former Intelligence Corps rivet counter and somewhat expert in scale models and all things British Army militaria, was recently observed in the cockpit of a flying machine. My colleagues reckon it could be a very, very old Hughes 1 ? :)

Could it be that all those years working with the elite Imagery Analysts of the Royal Air Force he has finally succumbed to a bit of the high life ?

Perhaps someone has `Advised` him how to enjoy the trappings of superior accommodation when on business `Trips` abroad (that includes NY and North Wales as well bach !)


All sensible answers on a post card (by the way are those terrible uniform pictures still selling ?) to:

c/o Geek Central
Tarpology Dept
The National Imagery Exploitation Centre

Postcards still available here: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Intelligence-Corps-Postcard

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